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2019-20 Supporters of Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra


Sincere Thanks and Appreciation to Our Financial supporters


$5,000.00 and above (Prestissimo)

Dr. Ann Rice


$2,000.00 to $4,999.00 (Presto)

John & Carol Howells

Harold A. McVey Family Fund

Shelton & Sharon Wakefield


$1,000.00 to $1,999.00 (Vivace)

Randal & Suzanne Saltzman

Lila Williams

$500.00 to $999.00 (Allegro)

Bryan Horning

Stanley & Rita Hermie

Russ & June Matson

Dallas & Nancy Henrichsen

Frederick & Susan Ferron

Rudy & Roswitha Moerti

Robert Shively

Roger Minch

Terry & Beverly Marquart

Phillip C. Hanson


$250.00 to $499.00 (Allegretto)

Michael & Patricia Vance

Allan & Phyllis Litman

Tim & Janice Colburn

Robert & Lynette Lame

Harold & Susan Steinberg

Desert Gold Realty

Robert & Linda Lerman

George & Barbara Benda

Mike & Gwen Kubasak

Robert & Judith Marasco

Dennis and Anne Wentz​

Erwin & Neva Miller


$100.00 to $249.00 (Moderato)

Sherri Cooley

Edward & Michele Ramsey

Alfred & JoAnn Booth

John & Francoise Najar

Ann Hebbert

Sherry Gosdis

Virgil & Bonnie Mink

Austin & Linda Hayward

Charles & Virginia Loomis

Marvin & Jill Edmondson

Fay Blair

Milt Riley

Gladys Irish

Betty Terrill

Virgil & Marilyn Condon
Darren & Tammy Stanek
Marvin & Linda Woodring

Fred & Alice Nicol, Jr.

Coyote Willows Golf Course

Mesquite Veterinary Clinic


 $50.00 to $99.00 (Andantino)

Allan & Mary Hoberg

Louis & Penny Prapotnik

Jim & Roberta Hinson

Ann M. Murphy


$25.00 to $49.00 (Andanti)

Pat DiBenedict

Shirley Lader

William Wells

The Symphony Orchestra….YOUR SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA….is made possible only through the generous financial support of people like you.  We invite you to become a symphony patron with a donation that is tax-deductible.


Become a supporter of Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra today:

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