Rita Hermie (Percussion/Piano)


Rita Hermie - Music has been a part of my life forever. When I was little I would listen to my oldest sister play the piano and I couldn't wait for my lessons to begin. I was blessed to have an excellent teacher for 10 years. I also played percussion, string bass and flute during jr./high school. I enjoyed teaching in my own piano studio for 20 years and accompanied several community and church groups. Since moving to Mesquite, I have become involved in the community band and combo, the Sun City Sounds, the Treble Makers, and the community theater. I am looking forward to playing in the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra.

Linda Shannon (Percussion)


Linda Shannon; I began taking piano at age 7 for 9 years and graduated from the U. of Wisconsin with a minor in music and a major in education. Through every phase of my life, I have enjoyed playing classical music as well as pop. At age 10, I won an audition to play with the Chicago Pops Orchestra and later became a high school choir accompanist/singer. When high school musicals or fashion shows were in need of a pianist, I gladly obliged. I taught piano to several adults and at the Montessori school which my young daughter attended. I have had careers in teaching, personnel management, real estate sales, and business ownership but am happy to be retired and newly settled in Mesquite. Currently, I play piano as a sub for Valley Presbyterian Church and look forward to taking part in the Southern Nevada Symphony as a percussionist.

Cathy Buchanan (Percussion)

Jean Whipple (Percussion)

Bette Davis (Percussion)


Bette Davis (no not that one) has made a few "select" appearances with the Mesquite Band. She was the "sleepy senorita" who could not follow directions when Rick Boniface and Jan Sando were featured in the song "Back to Sorrento". 
During a different concert given by the Mesquite Band, Bette added a little embellishment to the song called "Instant Concert" by wearing various hats to fit the tunes and using percussion instruments. 
Rhythm has always been fun for Bette and percussion instruments fit that bill. She steps in and helps out when the occasion presents itself. Dancing and music have always been great loves.
Bette was born in Illinois and went to Northern Illinois University majoring in Elementary Education. She taught for twenty-three years in Minnesota working with children having learning differences. Fifth grade was the first experience she had right out of college in Madison, Wisconsin and she taught in Pennsylvania as well before moving to Minnesota. She worked at Minnesota Vision Therapy Center for eight years after teaching. Retirement has been filled with travel, golf and becoming a grandmother (four times)... Bette and Jan Sando have been snowbirds living in Mesquite during the winter and Minnesota in the summer.

Chuck Hanson (Percussion)

Chuck Hanson has lived in Mesquite since 2004, and joined the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist in the first season. He started playing percussion in the 7th grade in 1970 in Arvada, CO., which included mostly melodic percussion; Tympani, bells, Vibraphone, chimes, etc. He then started playing the drum set in high school and began playing with a semi-professional group called The Thunderbird Band in Denver for several years, and later with Band X in British Columbia, Canada.
“I have been honored to play with the SNSO,” expressed Hanson. “Even though it had been nearly 40 years since I played in a formal orchestra environment, it has been great fun as well as a challenge. I strongly recommend to anyone in the area to join us regardless of age or experience and enrich your life as well. If you are not a musician, please join us at our next concert, and let us have the honor of entertaining you with the music we love.”