Rick Boniface (Trumpet)


Rick Boniface, a member of the Mesquite City Band since 2012, has a long history of musical excellence. A featured trumpet soloist since early boyhood, Rick began summer touring at age 8, joining the musician's union when he was 13. After several years of professional dance band playing through high school, Rick worked together with his two brothers and two sisters to form a convention and corporate show group, /The Castle Family/. An internationally acclaimed success, the show averaged more than 150,000 miles a year for over 20 years. Arranger for their group, Rick also plays keyboards and vibes.These days, in a more conventional life style, he is enjoying an airplane construction project with his longtime friend Jan (one of the other trumpet players) which is finally coming to fruition. When he isn't playing the trumpet, Rick is a free-lance software applications developer, a gourmet cook, and has been a licensed pilot for over 40 years with a life-long love of flying.

Jan Sando (Trumpet)


Jan Sando, having started playing trumpet at the age of 9,went on to playing lead trumpet in high school, college, drum corps, big bands and dance bands. Started playing with the Mesquite Community Band in 2010 and have enjoyed it since. Would like to play in NV full time but Bette and I travel to MN in the summer.

Larry LeMieux (Trombone)


Larry LeMieux, Vice President of The Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra started playing the trumpet about 50 years ago. In High School, he wanted to try new things and filled in on the Baritone and Tuba when needed. He studied Art in college but ended up embarking on a career in Ballroom Dance, something that still fulfilled his interest in the arts. He owned and operated an Arthur Murray Dance studio franchise in Salt Lake City after teaching and managing in studios in Arizona.
After selling his studio in Utah, Larry and his wife Ava moved their two sons to Mesquite. Larry, missing the whole music and arts thing, got involved in directing musical theatre. From there he started the Mesquite Concert Series, a program that allows local singers, dancers and musicians a vehicle to showcase their talents. He then formed the Mesquite Community Band, a group of about 18 musicians of all levels who put on shows around the community. So when Dr. Spitzer approached Larry to help him start a symphony, he naturally jumped in with both feet. Larry will be playing the valve trombone in the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra.

Brent Sweet (Trumpet)


With a trumpet in his hands since he was seven, Brent Sweet was a participant in orchestras and bands from elementary school through university.  Then, while he spent six years in U.S. Army Reserve band, he played with the Long Beach California Symphony, and when his career in advertising became more demanding, he then played with the Monrovia California Symphony (which was closer to home).  The trumpet was then in its case until the first Mesquite Community Band was organized and at times played with the Director’s Las Vegas Concert and Swing Bands.  Hoping that something like the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra would come along, Brent managed to keep his lip in shape.

Jennifer Wayman (Trombone)


I started playing the piano when I was 7. I then join the school band in 5th grade learning to play the Flute. In high school I got an opportunity to learn to play the Trombone and Cello. In high school I played in Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Marching Band, and Orchestra. I continued playing Trombone in Concert Band and Jazz Band in College. After College I played with The Klamath Symphony and several brass groups for a few years. I unfortunately put down my instrument for many years as I raised my kids. Watching them play reinvigorated my love for music. I joined the Washington City Community Band where I was discovered and asked to join the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra.

Richard French (Trombone)

Richard French is now a full time Mesquite resident after moving from the Spokane, Washington Area.  He spent 21 years in the Air Force including 4 tours in Vietnam.  He went on to retire from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department.

Rick started playing trumpet when he was 6 years old while living with his uncle, Charlie Hall, owner of the Brown Derby in Los Angeles.  Louis Armstrong, Buddy Hackett and Jerry Lewis were instrumental in giving Rick lessons.  He took a long break, but was encouraged to take it up again by his former pastor, Fred Pace.

Rick played trumpet with the Eagles Band and the Shriner’s Band and was happy to switch to valve trombone to play with the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra.

He and his wife, Jan are active in their church, Living Waters Fellowship and enjoy road trips.

Kim Delgadillo (French Horn)
Kim Delgadillo has been playing French Horn in the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra since their second season. Although her major instrument is the trumpet, all trumpet positions were filled when she joined so she took the position of principal French Hornist. 

Delgadillo grew up in Western New York and fell in love with music when she first heard the New York Philharmonic. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Baldwin Wallace College in Brea, Ohio. She then went on to working toward her Master’s Degree in Music Education from State University of New York at Fredonia, and in 1990 received a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology from University of Las Vegas. 

Delgadillo has lived in Moapa Valley for 33 years. During that time, she has been the Moapa Valley High School Band and Orchestra Director and School Counselor. She plays the piano, trumpet and French Horn. Her High School teaching job keeps her very busy and she enjoys sharing music with her students. She has really enjoyed being a member of SNSO, and hopes very soon to get some of her own students to join as well. 

“The people are great, and there is a lot of talent in the group,” said Delgadillo.

Kirk Jones (Trombone)

Dan Waite (Tuba, Trombone)

Shandon Lewis (Tuba)

Pat Heid (French Horn)

Kathy Challinore (French Horn)

Kendra Graf (French Horn)

Austin Paxman (French Horn)

Susan Thiriot (French Horn)